The Anoma Community

Be a part of the community building the people’s web

Community is at the heart of the Anoma ecosystem. Connect and participate in the space where developers, creators and pioneers come together to build the generation of the web owned by the people.

Get Involved

Join in on building Anoma and help shape the future of the protocol and other related projects. Contribute and participate in various roles, from validators to matchmakers and watch the ecosystem take shape from a front row seat.


Contribute to the security of the network by operating consensus nodes and enabling front-running protection.


Contribute to the security of the network by delegating your stake to validators, granting them voting power.

Intent Gossip Operators

Set up an intent gossip node to relay intents across the intent gossip layer and enable Anoma users everywhere to discover counterparties.


Build your own solver to find solutions to compatible intents into transactions that satisfy the preferences of all involved parties.


Interact with privacy-preserving features of Anoma, including n-party transactions involving any asset, from NFTs to even more complex valuables.


Develop new validity predicates, zero-knowledge circuits for private bartering, protocol upgrades, and more for the Anoma network.

Fractal Upgrades

Participate in electing candidates for upgrades of the Anoma protocol via its fractal upgrade mechanism.

Fractal Instances

Operate your local or dedicated fractal instance of Anoma

Upcoming Events


ZKPs and Privacy in Web3

Various speakers
Privacy Evolution with Aleo and Anoma
Wednesday July 20, 2022


Various speakers
EthCC (Paris)
Tuesday July 19, 2022 (CEST) - Thursday, July 21, 2022 (CEST)

Multiple Conferences

Various speakers
BUIDL Asia, ETH Seoul, Hackatom
Friday July 29, 2022 - Sunday August 7, 2022


Various Speakers
ZK Summit 8
September 15, 2022