An intent-centric, privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multi-chain atomic settlement.

Sovereign at its core

The web should be a good for the public, not an industry that
turns the public into a good.


A new language for value

Value is everywhere, yet money in its current form is limiting. Anoma enables any digital representation of value to be used as a means of exchange, payment or trade, unleashing a whole new way of building economies.

Beyond decentralization

Decentralization is a start, yet still limits users to the underlying conditions of a platform. Anoma can be everywhere, built and operated by anyone, powering economies built on the shared desires of individuals.

Privacy from the bottom up

Anoma researches, builds, and develops advanced cryptography and zero-knowledge proof schemes empowering a user-controlled future.

Design Principles


The protocols are designed to enable as much control as possible for the end users.


Features and functionalities are designed to facilitate everyday coordination functions of individuals without exploiting them.


Individual preferences can be articulated with as much bandwidth as needed.


Use an existing instance operated by others or customize, launch, and operate your own fractal instance.


Anoma develops and integrates cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, cryptography, programming language theory and research to deliver a comprehensive infrastructure that serves both individuals and communities.


Built for any individual, group or community seeking more sovereign economic exchange.


Shared knowledge and open-source protocols ensure there is no central point for failure.


Anoma’s ecosystem is composed of a wide range of research, protocols, tooling, and applications that are end-to-end integrated.

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Anoma’s vision isn’t simply to add more applications or tech to a convoluted space, but to restructure how we think about our connected world and its effects on society. Thus, Anoma’s focus remains in advancing and contributing to essential fields such as cryptography, distributed systems, and economics with the goal of designing mechanisms capable of solving coordination failures.