About Anoma

Anoma is a fabric of protocols and mechanisms for self-contained and self-sovereign coordination. Built on the backbone of advanced cryptography, programming language theory and research, Anoma’s main goal is to facilitate private transactions using any digital representation of value, regardless of by whom it was issued by.

The Vision

Money, language and voting are particular forms of coordination - a way to transmit information, communicate or collaborate in a way that produces a result that satisfies or benefits all parties that share a goal. Anoma’s vision is to be a coordination mechanism that helps parties realize and achieve economic goals, with the versatility that traditional fiat currencies fail to provide. This is achieved through helping communities worldwide take back control of their own economic sovereignty, and being part of a growing global effort to impede non-consensual usage of data by third parties.

The Ecosystem

The Anoma Ecosystem is a self-sustaining network of individuals, communities and organizations coordinating collaboratively or independently to cultivate economic sovereignty and human autonomy.



Anoma community is made up of anyone regardless of their background who feels in alignment with the vision and goals of Anoma. If you are drawn to empowering human sovereignty and self-determination, join the community helping to build a web powered by the people.

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