Samsung releasing Galaxy S2 Plus, what makes it a plus?

Samsung releasing Galaxy S2 Plus, what makes it a plus?

Samsung will soon be releasing a “Plus” version of their very popular Galaxy SII model. This time it will come in two variants, one with NFC and one without.

The original Galaxy SII was released early to mid 2011 and quickly became the favourite of a lot of people. Just like the Galaxy SIII has done recently.

The original SGSII has the model number GT-I9100 whereas the Plus models are reportedly going to be known as GT-I9105 and GT-I9105P.

It’s the GT-I9105P which will have the NFC functionality that, in my opinion, all phones should have these days.

The Plus versions don’t seem to have any other additional features compared to the original. They aren’t exactly an improvement in all aspects unfortunately.

The specs show the same screen size and resolution although that’s not a bad thing.

The newer models will also come with 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. Owners of the original SGS2 are still waiting for their Jelly Bean update, that’s apparently only around the corner. Many owners have chosen to upgrade their phones ROM themselves with one of the many JB ROMS available.

The amount of storage though is a different story. Instead of 12GB internal storage, you get only 8GB. We assume they’ve kept the external SD Card slot.

So if only 1 model comes with NFC, why did Samsung call it ‘Plus’ when they have less than the original?”

Who knows.

Samsung releasing Galaxy S2 Plus, what makes it a plus?

The original SGS2 still holds up in a matchup with other models, even after nearly 2 years. Anyone who owns one will attest to its strength and longevity.

If you didn’t see our article on GTA: Vice City,  the game was tested on an old Galaxy S2 and it ran without any issues.

When is Samsung releasing these new models?

Reports are saying anywhere between January and March, which isn’t far off and it will be released in 2 colours, Chic White and Dark Blue.

Apparently black is out. I’d much rather a black phone than a dark blue phone but Samsung think differently apparently.

Prices haven’t been announced yet but they better be cheap, eBay has over 30,000 new SGS2′s and they’re between $200 and $400. The original was around $600 at time of release.

With the specs of the 2 new Plus models being pretty much the same as the original SGS2, it will still be interesting to see how many they sell.

What do you think of the new Plus models, let us know in the comments section.