Is it about time the Play Store had a ‘Coming soon’ option?

Is it about time the Play Store had a Coming soon option?

The Play Store has a lot of great apps, games, movies, books and more. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all and with no function to let you know about the new stuff that’s been released recently, it can leave you missing out on that great stuff that you could’ve been enjoying for months.

If only they had some option to let you know what’s new this week, day, or even month. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation where we’ve found an app and wondered “how did I not find out about this earlier?”

But what if the Play Store had a ‘Coming soon’ option?

If you keep up with the current Android news you’ll have noticed that more and more developers lately are pre-announcing their games and apps and it leaves users anticipating their release date on the Play Store.

Sure, you could put it in your calendar and set an alarm but why isn’t there a better way? Why aren’t the developers taking advantage of an automated system to promote their upcoming releases?

Because there is none, that’s why. There should be though, and I’m surprised there isn’t one already.

Is it about time the Play Store had a Coming soon option?

Lately there have been a few big names entering the Android environment, with sequels and initial releases. Have you heard about Leisure Suit Larry, Carmageddon, Angry Birds Friends (released very recently) and Plants Vs Zombies 2 all coming soon?

Maybe you have, but most probably you haven’t. They weren’t really advertised on prime time TV were they?

This is the problem. Even though the news of upcoming releases does permeate through some non-Android based sources like online forums and link repositories like Reddit, it’s currently based solely on word of mouth type advertising.

What about the rest of the Android users who don’t visit these online places regularly? What about the average user who enjoys these games and apps and wants them immediately?

Well, the Play Store is the next best place to advertise.

Once you open the Play Store you’re looking at the “Deals”, “Recommended For You” and “Top Paid Apps” etc, whereas they could stick another section in there for those of us who are interested in the upcoming releases.

This would not only help the users, but also the developers too. When it comes to a popular app or game, when does it become popular? After a certain amount of installs, reviews or sales?

Is it about time the Play Store had a Coming soon option?

What if those sales and installs were a lot quicker than the average current install rate of apps? What if a developer didn’t have to wait around for their social media advertising to kick in to spread the word to a sufficient amount of people?

What if they got a lot more installs and purchases a lot quicker because the proper pre-release hype had gained traction and more users were waiting to install their works on the release date as opposed to eventually finding the app/game after months because they happened to stumble upon a forum post mentioning that it’s a great app?

What about the average Android user? Those developers could’ve been working on a sequel already if they’d gained enough interest and sales in the initial release. Those users could’ve been enjoying the developer’s app/game a long time before they eventually discovered it.

Not only that but users could register their interest in the upcoming release and put down some cash before it’s released. A sort of Kickstarter type arrangement that would ensure you’re first in line and will guarantee you’re playing this new game straight away on the day of release. Of course, with free apps it would serve as a reminder about an upcoming app and I hope a notification would trigger so when it’s ready then you can download it instantly.

So how would this work? Users like you could browse the “Coming Soon” section of the Play Store and pick what you want to reserve. Pay now, pay upon release, whatever.

I mean, when you see a movie in the theatre what do you see before anything else? The upcoming releases, ready to entice you to spend more money in the theatre before you’ve even seen the movie you’ve spent money to see.

It’s not really annoying as you can actually discover films you may not have considered seeing. We’re all used to it.

With the current Play Store format at least you can scroll down further to skip the ones you’re not interested in, want to see more upcoming releases? Click the button the same as you would for the other Play Store sections currently in your face when you open it?

The same can’t be said for the movie promos.

This could only be a good addition to the Play Store, and it would surely help the developers. Hopefully one day soon the Play Store people consider it and the users and developers will wonder how we ever did without it.

Until then it looks like you’ll have to keep an eye on for the latest news on upcoming Android releases. And be sure to let us know what you’re looking forward to in the Android world in our comments section.


written by: Anoma

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